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The Althoff Laboratory @ Syracuse University

We are broadly interested in the evolutionary ecology of species interactions. Our research focuses on the interactions among plants, insect herbivores, and insect predators to test how communities are structured both in ecological and evolutionary time.

We are also interested in how species interactions may be instrumental in ecological speciation.

We incorporate molecular ecology, phylogenetics, and behavioral ecology, and travel throughout the southwestern United States and Florida.

We also participate in teaching about the emerging field of Biomimicry.



Lab news

20 Dec 2016

-- Grant with Kari Segraves, David Rivers, and Chris Moore on mutualiism dynamics recommended for NSF funding.

28 Sep 2016

--Paper on factors determining geographic ranges of closely-related Yucca species in Texas accepted in Journal of Biogeography.

18 May 2016

--Paper on the role of antagonism in the yucca-yucca moth interaction accepted in American Journal of Botany.

6 May 2016

--Paper with David Hembry on coevolution accepted in American Journal of Botany.

14 Apr 2016

--Congratulations to Sheng for succesfully defending her Ph.D. proposal--step 1!

1 Apr 2016

--Congratulations to Haley for defending her Master's thesis and giving a great presentation!