I teach a variety of courses that integrate across disciplines. Click on the course name to see syllabus.

Courses taught in the last two years

Bio 105 Technology inspired by nature— A nonmajors course exploring how the biological world may provide solutions for many of the technological problems faced by society.

Bio 448 Evolutionary Medicine– An upper division majors course exploring how evolutionary principles can be used to understand human health and disease.

–Additional courses taught

Bio 345 Ecology and Evolution— A required course for Biology majors. Introduction to basic ecological and evolutionary principles. Students examine population growth, community dynamics, species interactions, natural selection, quantitative traits, life history evolution, and explore biological diversity.

Bio 400/600 Species Interactions— An exploration of the way we categorize species interactions and the consequences for biodiversity.

Bio 400/600 Molecular Ecology— The theory and application of molecular data to problems in ecology and evolution.

Bio 400/600 Advanced Field Biology— The ecology and evolution of Florida ecosystems with a field trip over spring break.