Code of Conduct

In the Segraves and Althoff labs, we value inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

  • Inclusion—Everyone has the right to be respected, valued members of the lab group. We recognize the worth of all people, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, abilities, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, and ways of living* .
  • Diversity—We embrace diversity among our lab members as we value the myriad differences among people.
  • Equity—All people have the right to be treated fairly, to have equal opportunity, and to be able to advance.
  • Accessibility—We strive to create an environment that fosters equitable experiences for all lab members.

Our code of conduct requires that all lab members respect the core values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. To this end, individuals whose actions or behaviors are counter to these values will be reprimanded or dismissed from the lab group. We recognize that all individuals have inherent biases that may inadvertently surface through microaggressions, misspoken words, or subtle behaviors. As a lab group, we are committed to helping one another to overcome these subconscious biases. Our goal is to learn from each other on both a scientific and personal level.


All members of the Segraves and Althoff labs will:

  • Treat each other professionally and respectfully.
  • Acknowledge that individuals have different backgrounds and may have different beliefs.
  • Be open to discussion, criticism and self-reflection.
  • Explore world views in a comfortable and respectful setting.
  • Not discriminate against others based on socio-economic background, race, ethnicity, abilities, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, or ways of living* .
  • Take a few minutes to reflect before acting when conflicts arise.
  • Be patient and listen when others are trying to communicate.
  • Be inclusive during discussions and work so that everyone can be heard.
  • Support and empower each other.

Lab members are strongly encouraged to discuss their concerns with one another, but should do so in a respectful, calm manner. In cases that are not readily resolved, lab members will involve Kari and Dave in the discussion. Similarly, if you are uncomfortable with something that happened and are unsure how to approach the problem, talk with Dave and Kari. When this code of conduct is violated, the following will happen:

  • Talk with someone about how you feel.
  • Acknowledgement of the issue by the parties involved.
  • Conversation between parties, with and/or without Kari and Dave.
  • Self-reflect, admit, apologize, and correct the behavior.
  • Human Resources will be involved if necessary.

*This is a fluid and evolving list written by a cisgender, heterosexual white person. We welcome all feedback.