Lab Director

David M. Althoff portraitDavid M. Althoff, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Biology
440 Life Sciences Complex
My key research interests are the evolutionary ecology of species interactions; insect community ecology, molecular ecology, and phylogenetics.
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Current Lab Members

Brooke Johnston
429 Life Sciences Complex
Brooke received her B.S. from Penn State University- Erie, PA in Environmental Science and joined the lab in Aug of 2023.  She is interested in ecology and evolution of learning insects, particularly parasitoids.



Lab Alumni

Alison Agresta Undergrad researcher, 2012-2013

Annika Moe Postdoc, 2011-2102

K. Alice Wood Fox Lab Technician II, 2012-2105

Clive Darwell Postdoc, 2013-2015

Alexandra Chapman Undergrad researcher, 2014-2016

Haley Plasman M.S., 2013-2016

Heather Murin Undergraduate Researcher, 2018-2019

Diego Luna, Undergrad researcher, 2019-2021

Shengpei Wang, Ph.D., 2014-2020

David Harvey, Undergraduate Researcher 2020-2022

Karma Kashmir Thomas, M.S., 2020-2023

Gwen Bode, M.S., 2020-2023