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This parasitoid is a solitary ectoparasitoids of moth larvae in both fruits and stalks. It attacks Prodoxus and Tegeticula larvae. Adults are black and have distinctive red eyes. The thorax is heavily stippled with pits. Eurytoma has been collected from Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and northern Mexico.


Pinned Eurytoma
Egg of Eurytoma

Photos used with permission from Michael Thompson's Masters Thesis "Parasitoids of the Bogus Yucca Moth (Prodoxus Marginatus Riley). 1980. California State Polytechnic Institute, Pomona, CA.

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Individual parasitoid genera

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Eupelmidae:   | Eusandalum | Eupelmus |

Eurytomidae: | Eurytoma | Eudecatoma |

Braconidae:   | Heterospilus | Digonogastra |