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This parasitoid is a solitary ectoparasitoid of Tegeticula larvae in yucca fruit. Digonogastra is the largest of the yucca moth parasitoids. Adults are orange and black with smoky-colored wings. Females have ovipositors as long as the body. This genus was renamed from Iphiaulux. Digonogastra has been collected from Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, and northern Mexico.


Female Digonogastra. Photo courtesy of Beau Crabb.

digono2 Female Digonogastra probing fruit. Photo courtesy of Beau Crabb.

Species utilized


Individual parasitoid genera

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Eupelmidae:   | Eusandalum | Eupelmus |

Eurytomidae: | Eurytoma | Eudecatoma |

Braconidae:   | Heterospilus | Digonogastra |