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The Althoff Laboratory @ Syracuse University

We are broadly interested in the evolutionary ecology of species interactions. Our research focuses on the interactions among plants, insect herbivores, and insect predators to test how communities are structured both in ecological and evolutionary time.

We are also interested in how species interactions may be instrumental in ecological speciation.

We incorporate molecular ecology, phylogenetics, and behavioral ecology, and travel throughout the southwestern United States and Florida.

Check out a brief intro to yucca moths in this podcast produced by Drew Stuart of Marfa, TX  Public radio.

We also participate in teaching about the emerging field of Biomimicry.


The Althoff lab is dedicated to providing scientific training in an atmosphere that promotes and embraces diversity and inclusion. As such, we have a code of conduct that all members of the lab agree to abide by when learning and studying biology.



Lab news

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15 May 2020

-- Sheng's manuscript on plasticity QTLs in Drosophila accepted for publication in Heredity!

10 Jan 2020

-- Sheng is off to the Insight Data Science Fellows program in Boston for the semester. Good luck Sheng!

7 Nov 2019

-- Paper on pollen-ovule ratio evolution and active pollination accepted in AJB

 3 June 2019

-- Welcome to summer field crew, Leia Correa, Michelle Eubank, and Diego Luna

1 Mar 2019

-- Technical Comment based on Sheng's first plasticity paper also accepted in Evolution!

21 Dec 2018

-- Sheng's first plasticity paper accepted in Evolution!