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Data & Other Downloads

Learning activities for Insect-Plant interactions for 7th and 8th graders


Evolution Education Module for 3rd -- 5th graders


Yucca moth movie of pollination and oviposition


Prodoxus decipiens ovipositing into Yucca pallida inflorescence stalk


Distribution Map of known localities for Yucca species.  These have been compiled from our field notes and published articles.  Map was made in Google fusion tables and you can apply filters to view just one or more  species.  The capsular-fruited species, Y. angustissima, Y. baileyi, Y. harrimaniae, and Y. glauca are difficult taxonomically and likely overlap in parts of NM, TX, and AZ.  Similarly, the distinction between Y. glauca and Y. glauca arkansana needs more investigation. More research on these species and their contact zones is needed to determine species boundaries.  The distributions for these species are tentative at this point.


Posters by Undergrad researchers Kathy Yu and Josiah Johnson

Saponin content in yucca seeds

Saponin content in yucca inflorescence stalks